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Tired of reading the same, dull reviews? Skeptical about 'expert' opinions? So were we.
Which is why we created Blue List Hotels, and why we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently.

For a start, other websites use contributors with little or no background in travel journalism.
We don't. Our writers are professional, full-time journalists with more than 20 years' combined travel writing experience. So expect 5-star reviews you can trust time after time.

Other websites use fancy, hard-to-understand language.
We don't. Our writers are skilled journalists, and insist on using only plain, simple English. So don't expect any flowery, flash words here.

Other websites often include reviews of places they've never visited.
We don't. Our stable of writers and freelance contributors never research using just the internet or phone. They spend at least two nights at each and every hotel they review.

Other websites aren't objective and their criticisms aren't always justified.
We are. Our writers believe in reviewing hotels fairly and objectively. And that means not looking for fault where none exists. You can trust them on their word, each and every time.

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So you're an established travel writer, an aspiring journalist, or simply fancy yourself as the next Bill Bryson ... Why not get in touch and join our team of expert writers?

Our contributors receive no payment but are rewarded with accommodation at some of the most luxurious hotels on the planet.

And of course their reviews - read by millions across the globe - are also published in the world's greatest hotel review site,

If you think you have what it takes, you can contact us here.

Tell us where you'd like to go and why, and a brief synopsis of your writing history, if any.

Travel Agents, or those in Tourist Board PR can also use our online contact form to tell us about exciting new projects, or of hotels we might have overlooked.

Our Blue List Hotels staff look forward to hearing from you!