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Jon Kirk
Andy Bloxham
Gwyn Rees

Jon Kirk

name:  Jon Kirk
age:  28
Reporter, South West News Service
currently in:
Melbourne, Australia
would rather be:
Diving in Aitutaki, Cook Islands

A law graduate with a dislike of all things legal, Jon served his writing apprenticeship at two local newspapers in the south west of England, before joining South West News Service (SWNS), the UK's largest news agency. A series of scoops won him the title Reporter of the Year in 2006, before he joined The Sunday Times and The Sunday People newspapers in London. Jon has travelled extensively throughout Asia, USA, the South Pacific, Europe, Australasia and South Africa, and is currently back in Bristol working with SWNS.

Email Jon at jon@bluelisthotels.com
See also www.jonathankirk.com

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Andy Bloxham

name:  Andy Bloxham
age:  30
The Daily Telegraph
currently in:
Bristol, UK
would rather be:
Surfing at dawn off Sydney's northern beaches

Andy has lived and worked in three continents. He has studied in Spain, taught English in Thailand, and worked as an odd-job man at an aboriginal camp in outback Australia. He's also sailed across the English Channel, cycled through Holland, motorbiked through Germany and been robbed in Hungary. Further afield, he was bombed at the Atlanta Olympics, sunburned in Bermuda and terrified by cockroaches in Vietnam. He is a reporter at The Daily Telegraph, based in London, UK, and his work has been published in every national newspaper.

Email Andy at andy@bluelisthotels.com

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Gwyn Rees

name:  Gwyn Rees
age:  29
Journalist, The Daily Mail Newspaper
currently in:
London, UK
would rather be:
mountain biking in the Colorado Rockies

Gwyneth has travelled extensively throughout Canada and the US. She has worked as a journalist in South Africa, Malawi and Namibia, and lived in Cuba, Peru and Bolivia. She trained at Cardiff School of Journalism before earning her apprenticeship on a local newspaper. Since then, Gwyn has worked as a reporter for the UK's largest press agency, and now works as a staff writer for the Daily Mail.

Email Gwyn at gwyn@bluelisthotels.com

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Paul Adcock paul.adcock@bluelisthotels.com
Paul, 28, a national news journalist, has travelled widely across much of Europe and America. He currently lives and works in Bristol.

Gurpareet Bains

Gurpareet Bains g.bains@bluelisthotels.com
Gurpareet Bains is a chef and nutritional therapist, as well as being the world's leading expert on Indian Superfood — a culinary concept which he created. Born and raised in Britain, Gurpareet has travelled widely in southern Asia, Australia, and the Mediterranean. Read more about Gurpareet here.

Dena Cook dena@bluelisthotels.com
Dena, 24, previously a national news journalist but now a press officer, has travelled widely across much of Europe and America. She currently lives and works in Bristol. Having written hard news stories for six years she now enjoys being able to be creative when writing reviews for Blue List.

Adam Dickenson adam@bluelisthotels.com and Susan Dickenson sooz@bluelisthotels.com
Adam and Susan have travelled extensively throughout Europe - primarily by VW camper van, their favourite mode of transport. Both teachers, they live and work in the West Country.

Jane Fletcher jane.fletcher@bluelisthotels.com
Jane has visited some of the most far-flung corners of the globe in her quest to find the 'ultimate destination'. Her worldwide quest continues and has taken her to dozens of countries including Canada, USA, the Far East and the South Pacific. She also spent a year in Grenoble, France, which she used as a base to explore Europe 'as widely as humanly possible'. Jane is now back in the UK where she is studying for a PhD in chemistry at Bristol University.

Simon Gresswell

Simon Gresswell simon.gresswell@bluelisthotels.com
Simon, 23, graduated with a journalism degree in 2008 and has since written for a range of publications specialising in lifestyle, sports and travel. Based in Dorset, England, Simon will soon be embarking on a 12-month adventure through India, China, South East Asia, Australasia and South America.

Chris Halls chris.halls@bluelisthotels.com
Having travelled widely throughout Japan, Australasia, and the US, Chris now lives and works in the West Country. He spends much of his spare time writing holiday guides and motor reviews.

Ellison Heath

Ellison Heath ellison.heath@bluelisthotels.com
Elli, 29, has travel in the veins. She toured much of the USA and Japan as an actress, singer and artist before "getting serious" as a business associate in Bristol's financial district.
Elli, who has a passion for creative writing, will join partner Richard Yates on a 12-month world tour of the States, South Pacific, Thailand, China and Japan for Blue List Hotels. They leave in November 2009.
Elli lives in Somerset.

Dr Douglas Morison douglas.morison@bluelisthotels.com
Dr Morison has explored many of the world's remotest corners – usually alone and on foot. He's written and researched a number of travel features, most notably about the lower Himalayan ranges. He's based in Exeter, where he practices medicine.

Nimalan Nades nimalan.nades@bluelisthotels.com
Nimalan is a former magazine editor, a distinguished freelance writer, and an executive for a marketing company. He lives in the Midlands.

John Racine john.racine@bluelisthotels.com
John, a marketing manager from Canada, has lived in the UK since 2006. He has travelled extensively thoughout North America, Canada, Alaska and Europe.

Matthew Short

Matthew Short matthew.short@bluelisthotels.com
Matt, 29, has travelled extensively across Australia and the US in his work as a freelance feature writer and photographer. After spending two years in New Zealand, he now lives in the West Country where he works in the music industry. Matt will be heading back to the US in March 2009 to review hotels across California and New York for Blue List Hotels.

Jemma Vickery jemma.vickery@bluelisthotels.com
PhD student Jemma has travelled widely throughout North America, Canada and Europe.

Richard Yates

Richard Yates richard.yates@bluelisthotels.com
Richard, 31, has travelled extensively across Australia, North Africa, Greece, Belgium and the USA.
Until October 2009, the self-confessed "techie" worked in IT, PR and web development for South West News Service, the UK's largest independent press agency.
He left to embark on a 12-month world tour, beginning in November 2009. Together with his partner Ellison Heath, he will visit the States, South Pacific, Thailand, China and Japan for Blue List Hotels.
Richard lives in Somerset.